2018-2019 College Catalog 
    Jun 24, 2019  
2018-2019 College Catalog

Nursing, B.S. (RN-BSN)

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Dean School of Nursing - Dr. Julie A. Luetschwager, Ph.D., M.S.N, RN

Upon completion of the RN to BSN Program, graduates will be prepared to give professional nursing care in a variety of health care settings, apply for master degree level study in nursing, and serve as leaders in society.

The following end of program student learning outcomes will be achieved by Mount Aloysius College RN-BSN program graduates:

  1. Patient-Family Centered Care: Value the patient and family as a full partner in providing and coordinating compassionate, age-appropriate and culturally-appropriate care.
  2. Teamwork and Collaboration: Foster interprofessional communication, mutual respect, and shared decision making to provide coordinated quality care.
  3. Evidence-Based Practice: Evaluate research and other current evidence for the applicability of findings for the improvement of health care processes and outcomes.
  4. Informatics: Employ information systems to communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error, and support decision-making.
  5. Quality Improvement: Evaluate outcomes and change practices and processes to improve the quality and safety of health care.
  6. Safety: Anticipate and minimize risk of harm to patients and other healthcare providers through both system effectiveness and individual performance to provide safe and effective delivery of care.

Prior to entry into the RN to BSN program, all requirements as stated in the College Catalog must be met. Students enrolled in the RN to BSN program must be licensed as an RN within one semester of matriculation. Students must provide a copy of their RN license to be kept in their student file. After the first semester, students who have not achieved licensure cannot register for nursing courses until licensed.


The RN-BSN Program is accredited by the:

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)

3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850

Atlanta, GA 30326



Admissions Requirements

Applicants for the RN-BSN Program in Nursing must meet the following admission criteria:

  1. Applicant must be a graduate from an accredited Associate Degree or Diploma Program in Nursing as verified on an official transcript;
  2. Applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.70 on post-secondary coursework. Upon recommendations of nursing faculty, exceptions can be made; and
  3. Applicants must have a current RN license issued in a state within the United States of America. If the applicant is not licensed he /she not take classes in the nursing major beyond the first semester.

Transfer Evaluation

Graduates of both diploma and associate degree programs who have earned college credits from regionally-accredited colleges and universities may apply to have up to ninety (90) total credits accepted by Mount Aloysius College and applied toward a bachelor’s degree subject to the requirements of the intended major as well as the core and graduation requirements of the College.

Credits for previous coursework in nursing will be granted, up to a maximum of forty (40) credits, upon successful completion of the RN-BSN Program.

Students in the 2+2 Nursing program, who are transferring credits which apply towards the associate degree requirements, may take specific courses needed for the bachelor degree during their time in the associate degree program with approval of their academic advisor.

Dual Admission

Students admitted under a dual admission partnership agreement are guaranteed admission to the Mount Aloysius College RN to BSN Program as long as the admission criteria are met and the student has an intent form for admission on file.

General Information

  • The RN-BSN program is offered fully online. Students may take general education courses in a face-to-face format.
  • RN-BSN courses are offered in eight (8) week sessions year-around.
  • Students may start coursework in any session.

Information related to progression throughout the RN to BSN program includes the following:

  1. Completion of all pre- or co-requisite courses, as listed in the current catalog, with a minimum “C” grade prior to graduation;
  2. Completion of all nursing courses with a minimum 80%;
  3. Maintenance of a cumulative grade point average of 2.70;

Students in the RN to BSN program enrolled in NU 440P  must meet the requirements of the clinical agency where the leadership practicum will take place.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, students must complete all general education requirements (listed in the current College Catalog) for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.

Students must complete their final thirty (30) semester hours before graduation in residency.


Fees associated with practicum requirements of the clinical agency for NU 440P will be at the student’s expense.

Associate of Science Degree Components

Core Course Requirements


Art/English/Music/Theatre/Social Science

History/Political Science

  • HS or PS 3 Credits


Information Communication Technologies

Religious Studies

  • RS 3 Credits

Cultural Diversity

Total Credits in Core: 23 Credits

Major Course Requirements

Total Credits in Major: 34 Credits

(Includes 3 credits for the Cultural Diversity requirement)

Other Required Coursework

Total Credits for Other Coursework: 11 Credits

Total Credits for Degree: 68 Credits

Bachelor of Science Degree Components RN-BSN

Additional Core Course Requirements

Upper-Division Literature

  • EN 300/400 3 Credits

Information Communication Technology


  • AR, EN, MU, TH 3 Credits

Religious Studies/Philosophy

  • RS 300/400 3 Credits

Cultural Diversity

Integrated Discipline Capping

Total Credits in Core: 14 Credits

Major Course Requirements

Total Credits in Major: 23-24 Credits

(Includes 6 credits in the core)

Additional Credits from ADN, Diploma, or Electives: 14-15 Credits

Total Credits for Degree: 120 Credits

* Must have a minimum “C” grade

** Must have a minimum 80% or better

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