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Mount Aloysius College    
  Feb 20, 2018
2017-2018 College Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies: Occupational Therapy, B.S.

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Department Chairperson - Dr. Penny O’Connor

In association with a number of colleges/universities, Mount Aloysius College has agreements leading to a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. Students will work closely with their advisor at Mount Aloysius completing various requirements for the first three years and then complete the program of study at another institution. Students enrolling in this program will complete the Interdisciplinary Studies degree with minors in Psychology and Scientific Communications, and will also complete coursework prescribed by the partnering institution. Partnering institutions may also require minimum SAT scores or grade point averages as entrance requirements, as well.

Upon completion of the program, each student will be able to:

  1. communicate information clearly and effectively both orally and in writing with integration of the two chosen minors;
  2. demonstrate an understanding of quantitative or qualitative scientific reasoning within the two chosen minors;
  3. demonstrate a base of content knowledge appropriate to the two areas of emphasis;
  4. show how moral and ethical perspectives influence research, theory, and/or applications in the two chosen minors; and
  5. meet the stated goals of the chosen minors.

Core Course Requirements


Upper-Division Literature

  • EN 300/400 3 Credits


  • AR, EN, MU, TH 3 Credits

History/Political Science

  • HS or PS 3 Credits


  • BL or CH or SC 3 Credits


  • CM 3 Credits

Information Communication Technologies

Religious Studies/Philosophy

  • RS or PL 3 Credits
  • RS 300/400 3 Credits

Social Science

  • CR, EC, GE, PY, SO, WS 6 Credits

Cultural Diversity

  • Cultural Diversity: 3 Credits

Integrated Discipline Capping

Total Credits in Core: 45 Credits

Major Course Requirements


Students will complete a minor in Psychology and a minor in Scientific Communication.

Psychology Minor

Scientific Communications Minor for Occupational Therapy

Total Credits in Major: 45 Credits

(Includes 21 credits in the core)

Total Credits of Free Electives: 21 Credits

Total Occupational Therapy Credits Transferred from Articulation: 30 Credits

Total Credits for Degree: 120 Credits

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