2022-2023 College Catalog 
    Sep 21, 2023  
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Marketing, B.S.

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Department Chairperson - Dr. Cathleen Golden


Mount Aloysius College offers a flexible and contemporary program in Marketing leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.

The Marketing program at Mount Aloysius College is designed to provide students with a firm foundation of theory coupled with hands-on experience. The program is built upon the philosophy that the liberal arts provide the appropriate foundation for exploration of business studies; that classroom theory must be integrated with professional activity; that technology ought to be integrated with various concepts and skills throughout the curriculum; and that integration of varied concepts - being a reality of successful professional life - should be prominent in the program. The major in Marketing offers flexibility to students. In consultation with an academic advisor, students can use the elective block of credits to accommodate various business and marketing related interests.

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Marketing will:

  1. Demonstrate effective communication skills appropriate for the business environment; 
  2. Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills suitable for working in collaborative settings; 
  3. Solve problems requiring quantitative and/or qualitative analysis; 
  4. Develop comprehensive foundation in the concepts and practices of the core areas of business;
  5. Analyze business or organizational situations using ethical approaches to decision making; 
  6. Demonstrate career readiness through experiental learning;
  7. Apply basic marketing concepts and practices; and
  8. Demonstrate competency in modern marketing methods and systems.  

Entrance Requirement

Students who have been accepted for admission into the College are eligible to matriculate into any degree program sponsored by the Business Department. Business students will benefit from having a good math background including high school algebra and other advanced math classes.

The dual Bachelor of Science/Masters of Business Administration (4+1) program is an option for especially well qualified students. This special program makes it possible to earn both the Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees in less time than normally would be required to complete both. This option is available for students in the undergraduate Accounting, Business Administration and Marketing programs. Interested students should contact their undergraduate department chair or academic advisor no later than the sophomore year for information. Typically, students take one graduate level MBA course during the fall and spring of their senior year. Students then have their Bachelor of Science degrees conferred upon completion of all undergraduate degree requirements. Students seamlessly matriculate into the graduate degree the following semester. Upon completion of thirty additional MBA credits, students will have their Master of Business Administration degree conferred.

International Exposure Requirement

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree and majoring in either Accounting, Business Administration, or Marketing are required to have at least three credits in coursework oriented toward providing the student with an international perspective on business, politics, or social and cultural systems. Coursework taken to fulfill this requirement may simultaneously fulfill one other requirement for the College or in the Degree (e.g., PLSC 240 International Relations fulfills the International Exposure requirement while-at the same time fulfilling a History/Political Science component of the College’s Core Requirements).


Core Course Requirements


Upper-Division Literature

  • ENGL 300/400 3 Credits


  • ART, ENGL, MUSC, THEA 3 Credits

History/Political Science

  • HIST or PLSC 3 Credits



Religious Studies/Philosophy

  • RLST or PHIL 3 Credits
  • RLST 300/400 3 Credits

Social Science

Cultural Diversity

  • Cultural Diversity: 3 Credits

Integrated Discipline Capping

Total Credits in Core: 45 Credits

Total Credits for Degree: 120 Credits

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